Disaster Recovery

From v1.3.0 version, MindV supports disaster recovery: When you create a new mind map or import a local mind map file, you can modify it, but have not save it yet. At this time, a power outage or operating system crashes and other non-normal system shutdown will cause mindv to be closed unnormally, we call this situation is a disaster . MindV now can save every edit action or imported file in a temp file. So next time when you restart mindv, mindv detects that you have met a disaster, a disaster recovery dialog will pop up, which will leads you to recover a mind map file:


If you decide to recover a file, please double click this file in the file list, or select a file by one click, then click "OK" button, the recovery process will begin;

If you do not want to recover any file, click "Cancel" button;

If you want to delete on temp file,  select a file by one click, then click "Clear" button ; If you want to delete all the temp files, click "Clear all" .


  1. If a file has been recovered , it's temp file will be deleted;
  2. MindV only prepare recovery temp file for these files: newly created file or imported local file, and you have not save it yet;
  3. A file saved in cloud space has no recovery temp file, because mindv will save every changes in the cloud space, when you open this file from server, it will sync server to the lastest change;
  4. At any time, you can click "Review->History->Disaster recovery" menu item to open the "Disaster recovery" dialog and then recovery any file.
  5. Because mindv need save a lot of temp files, so the user need set the application isolation quota to at least 50M. Please refer "User Options" help.

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