Search logs


You can search a mind map file's logs, and you can limit the search condition to a current selected topic.

Note: Only a file saved in cloud space has it's logs.

1, Mind map's logs

Click menu "Review->History->Logs->Map logs", the log dialog will pop up. It will take a little time to download logs from server, so be patience. In the picture below, "Downloading!" message tells you that mindv is hard working .


When download finished, all the logs about this mindmap will be displayed in the logs list. You can search a special user's edit actions by clicking the drop list box of "Changes by".

If you want to copy all the logs , click the "Copy" button .All the logs will be copied to your clipboard.


2, Topic's logs

Please select a topic first, then click "Review->History->Logs->Topic history", the logs dialog will pop up.

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