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There are differences between desktop version and online version mindv. Let's first talk about online version :

MindV is based on cloud computing, every user has his own private and public cloud folders, to open a file from his own folder:

1. Click the upper-left corner of the Mindv button, on the pop up menu, click "Open" menu item.

open 1

2. On the top row of toolbar  click "Open map" image button

open 2


After the user clicked "Open" button or menu item, the system pop-up "map explorer "

file explorer

In the Map explorer, "1", select a folder, on the right side, file list will display all the files under this folder. "2"  select a file to open.  "3" double click the selected file, or "4" on the top toolbar, click the "Open" button, mindv will open this map.

Because mindv need download the map from cloud storage first, and it may take for a while, so the system pop up a window that prompts you to wait:


For desktop version , mindv will open a local mind map file by default:

You can click 4 "open" button, mindv will try to open a local file. To open a cloud mind map file, you need click 1 mindv menu button, then click "open" menu item, in the pop up menu items, click 2 "open file from the server".

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