Share map

A. Share private maps

There are three methods to open the Sharing dialog box:

1.Click Mindv button ,on the pop-up menu click "Share"


2. Or click on the "Map" main menu, then click the "Share map" menu item

share 2

3.The final way is to open the file explorer, then on the top toolbar click the "Share file" buttonshare 3

In the pop-up "Map Properties" dialog box, click "Share" tab item. "1" input a user's e-mail address to which you share map (must be a registered user), "2" click on "Add" to add a record  in the member list.

share input email

If you want to share delete access right,

share modify

"1" click once to select a user from the members list, "2" check "delete" check box, "3" click "Modify" button.

If you do not want to share this mindmap to a user , "1" click once to select a user from the members list, then click "Delete" button.

B. Share public map files

Maps in public folder can only be shared to (on behalf of all users).

By default, a map stored in a public folder can not be modified or deleted by all other users. If the owner wants all people can modify or delete this map, please share this map with modify or delete access right to

Note: To do this is very dangerous, make sure you really want to !

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