Save map

There are differences between desktop version and online version mindv. Let's first talk about online version :

A. You have two ways to save a map:

1. Click the top left corner of the Mindv button, On the pop-up menu, click "Save" menu item:

save map

2. On the top row of toolbar click "Save map" image button as shown below:

save map

B. select a folder for saving map

Mindv prepares two folders for every registered user: the private folder and the public folder. If it is the first time to save a file, the system will pops up "save as" dialog box.


Users click the "Browse" button to pop up the folder explorer dialog box:

choose folder

Select a folder, click on the "OK", the system will save the file for you.

Only the owner of private folder can access maps in it, but the owner can share a map file to a specified user; Everyone can read a map in public folder by default. Authors can also share a map in public folder, so that everyone can modify or delete it by grante modify or delete permissions to and only to "" , here "" means everyone.

C. Check map status on status bar

In MindV left below, there is a status bar, if it was saved successfully, it will show "last updated by" :

save successfully

D. Before save a map you should check if you have the access right

If a mind map file has been shared it's modify access right to other user, and this file is not owned by guest user, then this file is called "collaborative file".

If a mind map file is not "collaborative file", at any time,  only one user can modify a map. So, when you open a map, please look at the status bar :

check out

If the status bar displays "last updated by" that means this file has been saved, no one is modifying it now; If the status bar displays the "last checked out by", and the check out user is not yourself , that indicating that someone is modifying it. At this situation, you should wait someone save this map or undo checkout this map.

For the user who checked out this mind map file, to undo checkout a mind map file, you should click "open" on top row of toolbar of mindv, in the pops up "Map Explorer" dialog box, also on the top row toolbar, click "undo checkout" button:

undo checkout

If a mind map file is "collaborative file", all the shared users can modify it at the same time. MindV will combine these changes according to their happening order. So you need not worry about  whether it is checked out or not. But remember, the one who checked out this mind map will take charge to save this mind map file after finished it. What will happen if I forget to save this mind map file ? Nothing is lost. In fact, MindV will save every change you have made. So the next time when you open it again, it will sync changes from server. But in order to open it as quick as possible, you'd better save it everytime when you finished it.

E. Checkout failed

If a mind map file is not "collaborative file" , when you opened it and made a change,  Mindv will try to check out this map for you. If check out failed, the mindv will prompt:

checkout failed

the map was checked out by other people, you can modify this map, but you can not save your changes back to cloud storage, except that you export it to local computer.

F. The privilege of the author

If a mind map file is not "collaborative file", even this map was checked out by other user, the owner of this map can modify this map and save it later, that will
overwrite any other user's changes.



For desktop version mindv, when you click "save" button, the default action is saving file on local computer.

To save a file on cloud space, you need click mindv button , then click "Save" menu item, on the pop up menu items, click "Save file on server".

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