Publish map

1. Open the "Map Properties" dialog box

The way to open the "Map Properties" dialog box please refer to "Share map".

2. Get map urls

publish map

"1" in the "Map Properties" dialog box select the "publish" tab item.

"2" click  "Copy" button, this map's viewer url is copied to your clipboard.

Note that if it is the first use of the clipboard, silverlight will need your permittion.

publish clip

You need to click "Yes" button.

"3" click  "Copy", copy Html viewer url to your clipboard.

"4" click "Copy", copy RSS source URL to your clipboard.

"5" click "Generate" button, if this mind map is stored in public folders, you can generate Html code fragments which will embed this map in a web page.

The sample script code like:

<Iframe src=\"\"  width=\"1000\" height=\"800\" scrolling=\"no\" frameborder=\"0\"></iframe>

You can modify the width and height parameters.

after you put this code in your html page, open this page, and it looks like:

publish map

"6" click "Generate" button, if this mind map is stored in public folders, it will automatically generate a microblogging. You can directly publish this text in your micro-blog:

"I want to share my mind map "Sample - Status Report2" with you. You can read it using html viewer, or read it using mindv viewer To edit your own mind map file, please visit"

“7”. click  "Copy" button, this mind map's editor Url is copied to the clipboard.

Now you have a url in your clipboard, copy this url in your email or in your web page, send your email or publish your web page. Your friends or web page readers can use this url to view your mind map.

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