Map property

map property

There are two ways to open the map property dialog box. First is to click "map property" image button on the top toolbar. Second is click menu "Coporate->Property->Property".


In "Title" textbox, input this mind map's file name.

In "Description" textbox, input this mind map's description.

In "Language" dropdown list box, choose this mind map's content language. When you export this mind map to pdf format, you will need this information so that to choose a right font library.

In "Keys" textbox, you can input this mind map's key words.

To make this mind map more safe, you can check "Encrypt this map when save it" , then input password in the "Password" and "Password confirm" textbox. If these two password match, when you save this mind map on cloud space, the mind map file content will be encrypted with this password.

Note: this password will not be kept in the server's database, so if you forget it, no one in the world can open this mind map again.

Click "File Info" tab item, you can find more information about this mind map. All these informations are managed by mindv automaticly.

file info

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