Map theme

A. Choose theme

style 0

"1" Click main menu item "Theme & Layout";

In the menu, click "2" to browse themes, or click "3" to pop up submenu:

style 1

Then you can choose a theme you like. To set a theme for map will save your much times to format every map element.

B. Set default theme.

In A, you may choose a favorite theme for your new map and at the same time, you wish it to be default theme for all the new added maps. You just click "2" "Change Theme", in the submenus, click "Save as default":

set default

C. Reset theme to default.

When you create a new map,it has a default theme. But you can choose a  favorite theme for your new map. After a while, you may want reset to the default theme. "2" Click "Change Theme" menu item, in the pops up submenu, click "Reset to default".

reset map

D. Import theme from file

The user can define his/her custom theme file and save it on cloud space. After that, when the user create a new mind map file, you can apply your custom theme on the new mind map by importing from your theme file. Click menu "Theme & Layout->Theme->Change theme->Import from file":

import from file

The map theme file explorer will be opened. You can navigate folders to find a theme file, then in the file list box, choose a theme file by click it. Then you can import this file by click "1" "Open" image button or "2" double click this file item .

import from file

As a new added feature, mindv can save theme file on local computer , so here you can import it from local by clicking "4" menu item "Import from local file".

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