Link format

"1" click a relationship to select itĀ (two dragableĀ control point is displayed)

"2" click the menu "Format->Relationship" pop-up menu as shown above.

"3" click the color template for relationship line color.

"4" click "Format->Relationship->Relationship->Weight" in the pop-up sub-menu, select a size the relationship line thickness.

relation thickness

"5"click "Format->Relationship->Relationship->Style" in the pop-up submenu, select a line style:

link style

the line style can be : Straight line, Arc, Angle.

"6"Click "Format->Relationship->Relationship->Pattern" to set relationship line fill pattern.

link pattern

"7"Click "Format->Relationship->Relationship->Arrows" to set the relationship two heads shape:

link head

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