Check In and Check Out

When you are editing a mind map file which is shared by other user, or you are editing you own file, but it has been shared to other users, you must be careful  that your friends may be editing at the same time.

1, Check In

A file saved in the cloud space has only two status: checked in and checked out. When a file is saved, it's status will be changed to checked in, at this time, "last modified by" will be showed on the status bar.

save successfully

You have another way to check in a file : undo check out , give up the changes from the last time you check out it . To do this, you click "open" image button, the mind map file explorer will be opened. You can choose a file, then click the "Undo check out" image button .

undo checkout

2, Check Out

If a mind map file has been shared it's modify access right to other user, and this file is not owned by guest user, then this file is called "collaborative file".  A "collaborative file" can be modified by all the shared users at the same time. On the other hand, if a file is not a "collaborative file", then it can be modified by only one user at any time.

For non "collaborative file", if a file is in check in status, every user who has modify access right can check out and modify it in an exclusive way. When you opened it and modified it for the first time, MindV will try to check out this mind map file. At this time, there may be several possible situations: First, mindv check out successfully, the status bar displays "Last checked out by xxx". Second, before you made a change after you open this mindmap file, the other user made a change and has checked it out already, MindV will display an warning message telling you that you can not save this mind map file later. Third, before you made a change after you open this mind map file, the other user opened this mind map file, changed it, and has already saved it, MindV will close the currently opened file, and then re-open the latest verion, and then check out . When a file is checked out, the status bar displays the "last check out by ".

check out

Of course you have another way to check out. Click the menu item "Coperate->Coperate->Check Out" .In the picture below, althought current user is "p1", the file is current checked out by "prof", and the current file is opened in readonly mode, you can still try to check out. If at this time, the "prof" user has saved this file or checked in, you will success to check it out and can modify this mind map file now.

















For a "collaborative file", the user need not worry about it, because every shared users can modify this mind map file at the same time. MindV will combine all the changes according to their happening order.

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