MindV Online mind mapping software

mind map    Mindv online mind mapping tools , called MindV , is an online service. Mind map is an effective mode of thinking, applied to memory, learning, thinking , so mind map is also called a "thinking map", which will facilitate the diffusion of thought of the human brain. Mind map has been widely used around the world, including a large number of Fortune 500 companies have been using mind maps to enhance their creativity. Now more and more people began to learn mind map, learning that the 21st century way of thinking, detonated his own inspiration, enhance their creativity, to change itself, change a business, even a country's competitiveness. The inventor of Mind Map is Tony Buzan.
    MindV is an online software, so you need not download this software. Please register first, then login. After that you will find link on the right side of this home page to start MindV. At anytime when you start MindV, it is the newest version. If you want to make a subscription to our professional service, please login first, then on the top of this home page, you can find the "buy" menu item.

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