If a mind map file has been shared it's modify access right to other users, and this file is not owned by guest user, then this file is called "collaborative file".

MindV creates a chat room for every "collaborative file". All the user who opened this mind map file will automaticly enter this chat room. To open chat room dialog, please click menu "Collaboration->Cooperate->Chat".

Guest user can not enter any chat room and guest user's files are not "collaborative file". So please login with your own mindv account.

In below picture, every shared user of this mind map will display in the user list . There is a circle on a user's right side. If this circle's color is green, it means this user is online; if this circle's color is dark, it means this user has leaved or is offline.


Under this user list , there is a chat log list.

In the textbox, user can input message , then press "Enter" key or click "Send" button to send this message to chat room.

If you want to copy the chat log, please click "Copy" button, all the message will be copied to your clipboard.

if you think the user list is too big , please uncheck "Show user list" checkbox, the user list will disapear.

For a profession user, he can open multi documents, so he can chat with different room's members. In order to make clear which message is current mind map file, please check "Current map message" checkbox, other wise, all the chat message will be displayed together.

Under mindv, inside the status bar, there are two icons:1: current mind map chat room is offline; 2: an image button, you can click it to open the chat room dialog, same as you click menu "Collaboration->Cooperate->Chat".


In below picture, under mindv, inside the status bar,the 1 icon:  current mind map chat room is online. That means current user can send chat message, and every change you make will be seen by other users, or another words you are ready to collaborate with other users to modify this mind map at same time.


Note: If you open a collaborative file and want collaborate with others to edit it at same time, but you found "1" icon is in offline status, you should close this file and then reopen it.


1, What is collaborative file

  • A file under private folder, has been shared it's modify access right to other users;
  • A file under public folder , has been shared it's modify access right to every one); (It will be very danger to do that, because everyone can modify your file, and the result is uncertain)
  • A file under group folder (Group admin has alread assign access right to every member)

Note: Guest user's files are not collaborative file, because every one can be a guest user. So please login use your own account before create a mind map file.

2, Who can modify a collaborative file

  • A free mindv account user;
  • A paid mindv account user;
  • A group account member.

Note: A guest user can only open a collaborative file in read only mode if this file is under public folder.

3, Collaborate to edit a mind map file

When a user who satisfies the condition 2 opened a collaborative file, mindv automaticly enters the real time collaboration mode:

  • A file can be opened by many users and be modified by many users at the same time. MindV will combine all the changes according to their happening order;
  • If a topic is modifed by other user, the current user can see the changed topic flashing;
  • If a mindmap's topic text content are all very long, in order to prevent changes by other users at the same time, your teams members had better make a agreement that everyone is responsible for a branch of this mindmap.

In below picture, the "1" topic is being modified by others, so the topic's focus cursor is flashing.


To save a collaborative file:

  • The user who first open and modify a mind map will check out , and will be responsible for saving it;
  • So even if you have modified a mind map, mindv's "Save" button may be still disable. But do not worry, the user who check out will be responsible for saving it.
  • If current user made more than 50 edit actions, mindv will save this mindmap automaticly;
  • Mindv will save every edit action even everyone forget saving this mindmap ; But in order to open this mindmap as quickly as possible, if the save button is enable, be sure to save this mindmap file when you finished it. When you export your mindmap to other format , such as Word,PDF or PPT, mindv will ask you to save all the changes first.

In below picture, in the status bar, it tells that the current mindmap is checked out by user "person", person will be responsible to save this mindmap file, so the other user need do nothing when finish it.


Note: When you are modifying a collaborative file, please note the chat room status icon in the status bar under mindv. If it is offline, all you changes will be cached . When it is online again, please make some changes so that all your cached changes can be saved to server.

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