Task information

1.Edit task information

A topic can also represent a task or a project item, so you can click on the "Edit-Insert->Task information" menu item, in the pops up task information dialog box, You add task informations to the currently selected topic.

task info

"1" Click to add the priority of a task or project;

"2" Click to add the progress of the current tasks;

"3" Click to add the start date or end date of  a task or project;

"4" Click to add resources the current task or project;

"5" Click to add duration information to the current task or project. Time units can be hours, days, weeks or months.

An example of task information of a tipic:

task info icon

2.Edit current mind map's calendar

As you know the user can edit a calendar for all new create mind map when you set your user options. That calendar can be called as default calendar. When a mind map is created, it will copy this default calendar as this mind map's calendar. If a mind map has a different calendar with your default calendar, you then need change this mind map's calendar, click "Edit->Task info->Edit map calendar" menu item, in this dialog box:


"1" Under "Workdays", choose which day will be workday.

"2" In "Hours per day", input hours worked per day .

"3" In "Days per month", input days worked per month.

"4" In "Holidays" listbox add holidays.

"5" In "Workdays" listbox add workdays. In some regions, a Saturday or Sunday may be temporarily designated as workday.

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