Click "Edit->Topic features->Hyerplink" menu item, on the pop up Hyperlink dialog box, choose the hyperlink types: http(s),mailto,topic,map,document.

1.http(s): add hyperlink to a web site or web page.


Please input a web site or a web page's url behind http(s).  Input url description in the description textbox, and choose in which window to open this hyerplink :in "a new browser window" ( a new blank web page will pop up) , or in "the current browser window"( mindv will be closed). Finally, click "Add" button, this hyperlink will be added to the current selected topic.

Note that if a topic has a hyerlink , there will be an icon on it's right side:

hyperlink icons

2, mailto


Add hyperlink to an email address. You can input default email subject in the subject text box. The others are same as http type.



Add hyperlink to another topic in the same mind map. When you click this hyperlink,  the target topic will be selected, and this will help you navigate in a big mindmap.

To add hyperlink to another topic, you need not input it's url or address, instead, you choose a topic from the topic tree below, click one topic , mindv will remember it's address.

If the topic tree does contain all topics, please click "Refresh" button.

And finally click "Add" button to add a hyperlink to the selected topic.



Add a hyperlink to your another mind map saved in the cloud space.  You can input search key words in the search text box, click "Search" button begin to search. Because the result may be too large, so mindv will display 50 files per page. You can click "Next page" or "Previous page" button to navigate the result list. Click one file, mindv will remember this file's address, finally you click "Add" button to add a hyperlink to this cloud file.

5, Document


From mindv v1.3.0, it will not support attachment function, instead, professional users can upload their documents to their private folder, then add hyperlink to this document. When user click this hyperlink , MindV will download this document, then open it in the browser window.

How to upload your document to the server ? There are two ways. Let me explain the difficult one first. Click "upload document" button, the "file explorer" window will pop up. In the "file explorer" window, click "Add file" button to upload one or more files .After you upload files successfully, close the "file explorer" window and return to hyperlink window. Click “Search” button to search all your document files. You click one document, mindv will remember it's address, finally click "Add" button to add a hyperlink to this document.


Now we tell you the second way, the easiest one. You can simply drag a document from your windows explorer, and then drop it on a topic. Then mindv will first upload this document to your private folder, add a subtopic to the dropped topic, and this subtopic has a hyperlink to this newly uploaded document file.

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