Other existing account

When the user are using the online version MindV (www.mindv.net), they can use MindV account to login,and they can also use other existing account to login. What is the difference between these accounts?

The MindV account is the user account registered on the company's Web site (www.mindv.com); or registered in MindV application by clicking MindV's upper right corner of the "account -> Register" menu item.

The so-called "other existing account" is an account of Live id, Yahoo, Gmail, QQ, Baidu. When users use LiveID, QQ, Baidu to login, these third-party sites will return an ID to MindV, but MindV can not rely on this ID to identify users, so when this kind of user login MindV at the first time, MindV will ask the user to provide an e-mail address to bind with the third-party ID. MindV internally  identifies users using this e-mail addess. At the same time, MindV will use the e-mail address to create a MindV account automatically, then send an e-mail to user telling the registered MindV account information: login name and password. So please remember to check you e-mail to backup your MindV account . Therefore, such users are actually has two ways to login MindV: the use of third-party login service,and the use of MindV internal account.

It needs to be noted that the desktop installation version of MindV only support MindV account.

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