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Professional version(1 year)

Suitable for professional use, private space can be up to 2G.

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How to buy group plan ?

To buy a group plan, we need know these informations:

  • the group admin's email address ( we will upgrade this free account after you pay for it);
  • the max number of group members, and the price will be 45$*N every year , and N represent the group members count.
  • For group number greater than 20, the price will be 40.5$*N every year; For group number greater than 40, the price will be 36$*N every year.

Send this information to sales@mindv.com, our sales will arrange an email to let you pay it through paypal. After we receive your payment, we will create a group account using the email address or upgrade an existing free account to group account.

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