How to become our sales partner

Whether you are college students, the unemployed or people who work there, you can become our distributors, and share high commissions from sales.

We have chosen the world's leading shareware e-commerce website, as our distributor management platform .Here is reasons why we choose

  1. is the industry's top five famous sites;
  2. Both developers or distributors can set up a shop for free ;
  3. Variety of payment methods, including the most convenient Paypal, and the charges are relatively cheap;
  4. The powerful distributor management features: Every sales commission will be deducted automatically by will protect the distributor's interests ;
  5. Multiple languages support ​​(we currently provide product informations in English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese language version ; we welcome the distributor provide special language version )

Now please follow us step by step:

First step : Be invited

copy the following URL and enter it in the browser address input box: . In the below page, if you are already a seller of, please login with your own account. Otherwise, click on the hyperlink "Become an affliliate", and it will lead you to the sign up page.


Second step:sign up (The information below is a simulation)


When finished, click button “Create my Account”

Third step:Account was initialized:

In the below page, “A verification email has been sent to ", you should open the message and verify your email address. Please note that , in your "My products" list, "mindv online mindmaping" apears. That means you have already become our sales parter .


Forth step:Open your email, copy the verification information , and paste it in your browser address input box, then press "Enter" key .


Fifth step:Email address verified, your account activated .

Please click hyperlink “Continue to plimus control panel”, it will lead you to your account management panel.step5

Sixth step:Account manangement panel

In your account management panel, you can

1> get your product sales links ;

2>Other setting, such as get sales links from Plimus catelog...

Please click the hyperlink "Get links”。

step 6

Seventh step:Get sales links


In the above page, you can find three product contracts including: mindv personal edition, mindv professional edition, mindv extreme edition. In the "buynow links" column, you can find their sales links. These sales links are very important. How to use these sales links ? What you have to do is promote these sales links. On your own web site, blogger web site,twitter, post these sales links so that everyone knows .When one user want to buy our product, they just click one of these sales links, the product sales page will appear where they can buy .

Please note that the referrer id 1000816 is the partner's register id, every affiliate has a unique id, that is why the knows which affiliate had sold a product.

If a customer buy a product from our own web store, the sales links will be :, you can find there is now refferrer id.

After click one of the sales links, you can view the mindv online mindmapping software's sales page:


Eighth step:From account management panel, click "Get sales links", you can try to sale the other software vendor's product.


Ninth step: From account management panel, click "select the method" to set payment method

How to extract the sales commission after the sale? you can set a suitable one for you.

Please note, if you choose paypal as your method, you must register a paypal account using your contact email.


Finally, after you changed your payment method, you need verify it. will send an email which include a verification code. Open this email , copy this verification code and paste it in the textbox at the end of this page.step 10-2

You email content:

Dear Valued Vendor,
A request has been made to change the payment details associated with your Plimus account (#1000816). Completing this change will alter the manner in which your revenues are transferred from Plimus to your company, so please ensure all details have been supplied correctly.
In order to verify and complete this change, you will need to copy and paste this verification code into the indicated box on the Settings page where you are attempting to update your payment details:UI+u9bjDxTfExp4lkGTk+Q==
If you have any questions regarding this verification process, or did not make this change request, please contact us immediately at:
Best Regards,The Plimus Security Team

And the string “UI+u9bjDxTfExp4lkGTk+Q==” is the verification code.

Till now, you have already become our partner and can begin to sale our product. We promise, from now till 2013, all distributors commission rate will be 50%. We developed this product for two years using the popular cloud computing technology, it can be said to put a lot of manpower and resources on it. And you only need from now on, through the blog, microblogging sites, posting, direct marketing, etc., to promote it, then you can share 50% sales amount !

I wish good luck to all participating sales partners, making plenty of money!

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