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Visual teaching and learning: Explanation of knowledge with multimedia; facilitating students to record key learning points.

mind map as document

Management of creativity and design: anytime, anywhere to record your ideas, keep your design work in the local computer or more secure cloud.

To solve daily problems:Put visualizable list of various components of the problem on the mind map, throught in-depth study the relationship between them, you can find a creative solution.

            mind map for brainstorm

Project management: from project start to finish, you can quickly and easily design and improvement through the tool .

Management tasks and priorities: the division of tasks into manageable sub-tasks, quickly and easily arranged according to priority.

Project and plan

Why choose MindV ?

Collaboration and sharing idea: Using our online mind mapping service, you can share your ideas to your team member, publish you mind map to all the world.

Cloud computing based online mind mapping service: Through Microsoft's cloud computing platform provides you with robust and cheapest online mind mapping services.

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Click the logo below to start MindV. For the registered user, in order to keep your file safely, please login first .

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The MindV cloud service IP address change notifications: at the lower right corner of the main menu,click "options" button, in the option windows, please confirm that the MindV cloud server is "www.mindv.net" instead of the specific IP. Domain name www.mindv.net we will not change, but IP can change sometimes. When this happens, you can also download the latest edition.

The 3d2f.com editors have called the MindV "the best among the like" (2012/6/11)

MindV was the Hong Kong International Software Contest Top 100. (2011/03/07)

MindV's english blogs Opened. (2011/03/01)

Shanghai yingxiang joined Microsoft Bizspark Program.(2010/11/20)


MindV is a cloud computing based mind map software, you can use it's online service or download it's desktop version software.

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